Friday, June 28, 2013

404 Error Page Woes

I was pretty pleased when I finished my website rebuild. Then it occurred to me that I needed a 404 Error Page—you know, one of those (usually garish) pages that pops up when the link you clicked on is no good any more, a page that just leaves you hanging suspended in mid air with no hint of how to actually get you where you want to go. This was very bad because I have lots of connecting links out there in web land that need to actually deposit visitors to my site. Not to mention the search engines!

You know how complex it is sometimes to accomplish the (seemingly) simplest of tasks? Yup, that's how it was this time too, but I think I've got the dragon conquered now. No one should be left dangling. Phew!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Website Remodel

I finally finished revamping my trusty old model T website. This miserable task was not on my to-do list by a long shot. However, when I stuck my head up from amidst the grime, debris, callouses and bruises of our three year building project (new home in the beautiful mountains of Colorado) I discovered that the world had changed and my Mac’s new operating system no longer supported the software (GoLive) I had used for years to manage my site. This meant I was unable to update or change anything. It meant was essentially dead in the water. Oh no! I knew I was in for it.

After a long search and several false starts I settled on a web design software product called Freeway Pro. It was a formidable challenge to get that air under my wings at first, but by and by I got the hang of it enough to get the job done to my satisfaction. The company that makes Freeway Pro is called Softpress and is located somewhere in England. Needless to say, I faced snags and even brick walls as I struggled to tame this new (for me) software dragon and I carried on a regular correspondence with their tech support people who were simply awesome and wonderful! If only every tech company had such competent, patient  and eager to help folks responding to the panic out in the trenches ... well, just think how much happier we’d all be.

So welcome to my new site and I am so pleased to have you among my first visitors!